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Managing cats

Cats are usually well loved members of a family. However, even a pet cat that is well fed and looked after, may still roam and hunt. Cats that roam outside their yards usually have a shorter life span – they often become lost, injured, killed or are stolen while roaming. Their behaviour while roaming can also be a nuisance to other people. Sometimes cats are abandoned by their owners and are left to become strays and join the feral cat population. Feral cats do not depend on people at all for their food and shelter. They roam, scavenging for food and hunting our native wildlife.

It is possible that your cat, if missing, has been trapped by Council or a neighbour. Residents are allowed to humanely trap cats within their own property. Trapped cats are taken to the Council Pound or RSPCA, both located on Boulter Road, Berrimah. If a captured cat can be identified via a microchip or other means, the owner of the animal will be notified.

It is a responsibility of the cat's owner to keep it within their own property.

It is not appropriate to tether cats to keep them in your property. Constructing or purchasing a cat enclosure which allows them access to outside and inside your home is the best option, especially overnight.

Owners are required to have their cats on a lead or enclosed in a suitable container when they are not being contained on the owner’s property. (For instance, a visit to the vet or cattery.)

Managing Dogs

It is the dog owner's responsibility to adequately contain or control their dog at all times. This includes when the dog

  • is being transported within a vehicle or on a vehicle tray,
  • is home alone
  • is being exercised (unless in an off-lead area, however the dog must be under voice control).

Many dogs are terrified by thunder and lightning, and manage to escape containment during tropical storms, often injuring themselves in the process. Dog owners should regularly check fences for areas that may allow their dog to escape through, under or over.

Owners must ensure that their dog is microchipped and wearing a collar with Council tag to assist in the rapid identification and return of their pet. An identification tag with a current contact phone number is also useful.

Excerpt from Government Website