Gold Coast Pound Animal Shelters

One of the many areas involved with our Australian wide but uniquely targeted lost pet search service is the Gold Coast. If you’ve lost your pet in the Gold Coast, we recommend that firstly – you remain calm and then employ our wonderful service to help you reunite with your pet – which is our motto and something we have succeeded in doing for over 5 years.

When an animal is missing and found – most pet owners agree that the best option is to take the lost pet to the Gold Coast pound, or Gold Coast animal shelter – this is because these are often the first point of contact for people seeking their lost pets and most people will take animals they find there, too.

Alternatively, instead of trying to contact everyone and wasting more precious time – that is indeed so precious during any search mission – let us do all of the ground work and hard work for you.

You simply join with LFP, list your pet as lost with all of its details, age, name, breed and any other distinguishing feature and then we will contact the related points of interest on your behalf – via Email, SMS or phone. We even call the general public in the area with the same SMS and phone message.

A fully customized message that will be wide spread to all in the know – think no more and hire us on the case – Australia’s pet detectives and LOST PET FINDERS!


You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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