Finding A Lost Cat

Have you lost your cat? We will help you find it.

Cats generally do not go too far as they are very territorial animals and get disoriented quickly in an unfamiliar surroundings. When that happens, they get scared and tend to hide until they get brave enough to try and find their way back home, or find a food and water source. Therefore, cats are usually found when they come into someone's back/front yard looking for food. From there, if caught, taken to the local vet or pound.

Alert Map Explanation

Alert Tip
Focus your search in the immediate vicinity of where your cat was last seen. Target the general public (RED CIRCLE) within just a few blocks, but keep the Pet Network radius (BLUE CIRCLE) nice and wide – as wide as you can, as you never know which vet your cat will be taken into, and the key is to try and cover all bases here.


Do not rely on your cat's microchip. We have had many cases where cats were not scanned or the chip failed. Some were not be scanned as the cat would not keep nice and still. To increase the chances of finding your cat you need to let as many people and organisations know as possible.



Concentrate most of your time on canvassing the neighbourhood and calling your cat's name, but never forget to visit the pound regularly and not rely on phone conversations with them, as verbal descriptions can be very misleading.

If your cat is microchipped, along with sending an alert you need to contact one of the following organisations so they can flag your cat as missing.

Kix"It was a fantastic service to use, so simple and comforting. We were so devastated when we lost Kix, but lost pet finders helped us incredibly!"

Jacqui & Kix

Charlie"Thank you endlessly lostpetfinders, you have saved my whole family from sadness. We wouldn't know what to do if Charlie had been lost forever and we are so grateful that lostpetfinders exist and are running so efficiently. Thank you!"

Ana & Charlie

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Vicky & Onion

Oscar"He was successfully found a week later, much to our delight. Thanks"

Stephanie & Oscar

Max"Here’s a pic of Max with my daughter who loves Max more than anything.

The service was very comforting – knowing that we were doing everything we could to bring Max home. It took 12 days but finally he was back!"

Max & Melinda

Georgie Girl"My cat has come home. Thank you for this great service. When I was going door to door lots of the people I spoke to said they had received your alert."

Georgie Girl & Megan

Boo"Your website was very helpful when we lost Boo and I’m still receiving alerts when animals are missing in our area. Great service! Here is Boo with his fur-papa John. They are literally inseperable. Boo has a very special place in our little family and we were devastated when he went missing. Thankfully for us we found our little Boo, who was 4 months old back then, in a couple of days. He’s now grown to be an energetic and loving 18 months old kitten. We really love this idea. Hope that there are many happy stories such as ours."

John & Boo

Oreo"Your site was amazing! Because of yourselves and all of the beautiful people who passed on Oreo’s information he was found safe and sound after a few days and could not have been happier to be home with his family. It was really encouraging to have people I have never met before pass on his details, or wish me luck in finding him, people can be truly amazing! Thanks so much for all of your help!"

Elise & Oreo