Pet Alert Prices

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Your pet listing in our Lost & Found gallery is also FREE and you can keep it for as long as you need. Also included is a FREE PRINTABLE LOST PET FLYER available immediately after you pet is registered.


Pet Alerts are an optional paid service. The prices are very flexible as there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Every area is different with varying populations that we can contact. Payment is by credit or debit card. 

We have two types of prices: FIXED and CUSTOM prices. The price depends on the search area and how many contacts are in that area.


FIXED prices from $14.95 up to $199.95            

The Pet Network radius (blue circle on the map) contains members who are vets, pounds, councils, etc. and private members. This is pre-set to 5km. If the budget allows the alert is then topped up with members of the general public (red circle on the map) who are not registered with our website.

You will see the number of people in both groups that are available for contact as well as the areas covered on the map. You can click on any option as many times as you like to see the obligation free pricing.


CUSTOM prices are flexible                          

You can adjust the search areas for both groups mentioned under fixed pricing by moving the corresponding sliders. This will show you everyone we have in the selected area and will give you the corresponding price. You can cover up to 50km radius around where your pet went missing.

You can adjust the areas as many times as you like until you are happy with the result. For recommendations on how to get the most out of your Pet Alert please read HERE.








  Pet Listing in Lost & Found



  Printable Flyer



  Alerts to Pet Professionals (Vets, Pounds, Councils, etc.)



  Alerts to our private members



  Alerts to neighbourhood households



  Post on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest



  Facebook post sponsoring targeting specific area



    Pet Alert Map

* Pet Alert prices will vary. Please see above for more information.
**With more than $45 spent on a Pet Alert.

         Pet Alert map.

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