• Pre-registration of a pet
  • Lost or Found Pet Listing for unlimited time
  • Printable Lost or Found Pet Flyer
  • Facebook post upon request
  • Email support with tips and recommendations
  • Phone support
  • Facebook support and post monitoring

PET ALERT (optional paid service)                                                                                  

Pet Alert prices start from $14.95 and go up depending on the size of the coverage area and the number of people included in it.

When setting up your Pet Alert your will be able to choose between a fixed search where you select the budget and we match it with the coverage areas or a custom search where you can adjust the coverage areas manually. You can click on every price option or adjust the coverage areas to your required size to see an instant quote.

For recommendations on how to get the most out of your Pet Alert please read HERE.

Reach out to your neighbours and local Pet Professionals! Time is of the essence!

Alert Map Explanation

FIXED prices from $14.95                            

Select a fixed price - we show you who we can contact.

PET NETWORK: The coverage area is pre-set to approx. 5km radius.

You will see the number of Vets, Pounds, Councils, etc, Private Members and the area covered.

GENERAL PUBLIC: Closest members are then added if the budget allows.

You will see the number of members of the General public and the area covered.

CUSTOM prices are flexible                          

Select a coverage area - we show you the price.

PET NETWORK: The coverage area is adjustable to up to 50km.

You will see the number of Vets, Pounds, Councils, etc, Private Members we have within the area.

GENERAL PUBLIC: The coverage area is adjustable to up to 5km.

You will see the number of members of the General public we have within the area.


Please refer to our FAQ page for more information.

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Cirsium"Schipperke is back home and grudgingly sharing her favourite chair. Even the neighbours received a text, and they were on holiday"

Mary & Cirsium

Kitty"Thanks for helping me get my Caique Parrot back!"

Daniel& Kitty

Kix"It was a fantastic service to use, so simple and comforting. We were so devastated when we lost Kix, but lost pet finders helped us incredibly!"

Jacqui & Kix

Charlie"Thank you endlessly lostpetfinders, you have saved my whole family from sadness. We wouldn't know what to do if Charlie had been lost forever and we are so grateful that lostpetfinders exist and are running so efficiently. Thank you!"

Ana & Charlie

Daisy"It was an enormous relief to get Daisy back, and it would not have happened without your service. I hope to not have to use it again, but will not hesitate to do so if necessary.

Cheers & thanks again"

Jen & Daisy

Nero"Thanks to your business we luckily located him last year when he went missing after a storm. It's great to have a support network like your business and I have/will always recommend your website to all my friends with pets."

Estelle & Nero