Dog Rescue

Canine companions are more than just pets – they’re four-legged family members, and if they go missing, the quest to find them can be stressful and filled with anxiety. If you happen to come across a lost dog, there are several things you can do to ensure their immediate wellbeing, help get them home safe and sound, and reunite them with their loving owner.

Securing a lost dog

A frightened, sick or injured pet may behave unpredictably, so the first thing to do if you find a lost dog is to assess the situation and determine whether the animal can be safely secured without professional help. If you are unsure, call a local ranger to provide assistance, otherwise approach the dog in a calm and cautious manner and restrain it with a leash.

If the dog is on a road, you may have to signal to motorists to slow down until the dog has been secured. If the dog needs medical attention, seek the services of a vet as soon as you can. A vet will be able to perform a health check, attend to any illnesses and injuries, and also contact the owner if the dog has been microchipped and correctly registered.

What to do next

If you are transporting the dog by car, take precautions to ensure it is kept calm and properly restrained within the vehicle, otherwise it may panic or become a danger to you on the road. If the dog isn’t injured and you take it to the pound or an animal shelter, an animal welfare officer may be able to locate the owner by scanning the microchip or by checking for identification tags or lost pet notifications.

In a case where the owner can’t be found by these means and you are willing and able to take the dog home, contact your local council to notify them about the lost pet in your care, and make appropriate short-term provision for the wellbeing of the animal. It is advisable to feed the dog regular pet food, as some substances consumed by humans can be toxic to canines. If the pound or shelter takes the dog in, you may want to leave your contact details in case the owner doesn’t come forward within your state’s specified holding period.

Helping to find the owner

If checking for a microchip and identification tag doesn’t produce any results, there is still a good chance the owner can be located. Lost Pet Finders makes it simple for you to play an important part in reuniting a lost dog with its two-legged family. First, check the Pet Gallery to see if the owner has put out an alert. If they have, you will be able to contact them with the good news straightaway.

Otherwise, you can register the dog on the site and Lost Pet Finders will take action using an extensive network of shelters, vets, pounds, volunteers and members of the public. Through these Australia-wide channels, and by communicating via telephone, SMS, email, the website and social media, Lost Pet Finders can produce the fastest and most effective outcomes possible.


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