Dog Pound Brisbane

If you have just recently lost track of your pet in Brisbane, whether it’s a dog or cat – we understand the distress you’re in. We’re pet lovers ourselves here at LFP and that’s what motivated us to build our wonderful service.

Most people agree, waiting a couple of days to see if your dog returns or if you receive a call is the best move. We don't. We have seen too many dogs and cats close to roads and cars. We recommend calling the Brisbane dog pound or neighbouring areas known to keep lost or wandering animals. These include vets, kennels, breeders, clubs and local helpful pet owners.

Our service allows you to send a message to these places instantly, in one click – this way everyone will know the age, name, breed and any other distinguishing feature about your missing companion and also how to contact you regarding their where abouts. Not only that, we can call the general public and let them know too.

List your pet as lost with us free now and let us help you widen your search across all of Brisbane incorporating those who may have anything to contribute to the case.


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You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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