Bundaberg Pound

If your animal is lost, it may have been impounded by the Council. Animals which have been impounded require time for processing. Processing times may vary, so you may wish to check back several times.

Registered animals that are impounded will be kept for 5 working days.
Unregistered animals that are impounded will be kept for 3 working days.

Bundaberg is located in Queensland and is one of the many rural centres and towns we include in our lost and found pet service here at Lost Pet Finders. Contacting the pounds can be time consuming and your dog may have wandered further than you expect and as a result a contact point may go unnoticed.

We know the places your dog will be kept in the neighbouring area – all you need to do is opt in with us and list your pet and their details along with the best way to contact you. We can then customize a message to send to those in the know and even households so your lost pet can return home soon.

Bundaberg pound is just one of many in our list, so take advantage of this invention and development in pet search today and list your pet as lost for FREE!

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