Looking for a Lost Cat in Brisbane? Use Our Pet Alert Function

Even if you try to keep your cat indoors at all times, things happen. A cat can slip out an open door when you aren't paying attention. Some particularly industrious cats might even be able to open screen doors or pop out window screens in their attempt to flee. Just like that, your indoor cat can become a cat lost in the great outdoors.

Losing your close home companion is a heartbreaking, nerve-wracking experience—one that can instantly have you thinking about all of the worst-case scenarios. Before you dip too deep into your worry, though—and even before you start putting up posters around town or asking your neighbours if they've seen your lost cat in Brisbane, it's a good idea to register your pet on Lost Pet Finders.

About the Lost Pet Finders Pet Alert Service

At Lost Pet Finders, we want to help you comb Brisbane for your lost cat. In all likelihood, your cat is probably still nearby. He or she might even come back in a few hours and start crying at your back door, waiting to be let inside after a night of hunting mice or an afternoon of eating a little too much grass.

However, there are also other possibilities: a neighbour could have found your cat and taken him home to keep him safe while they look for the owner. Alternatively, someone could have found your kitty and taken her to a nearby vet.

The Pet Alert service that we offer at Lost Pet Finders is there to help you consider and address these possibilities. Our basic Pet Alert report service is completely free to all pet owners throughout Australia. Report lost cats in Brisbane by registering them and uploading a photo to Lost Pet Finders. We will post the report on our site so that any visitors browsing our database of lost pets can find yours in a matter of minutes. Your report can include information on cat breed, size, colour, collar, age, gender, name, date lost, reward and last known location. All of this information helps to make the search easier.

Going forward, we offer customer support via email, phone or Facebook. If someone contacts us about your lost cat in Brisbane, we will be in touch with you immediately. We are also happy to provide advice for other things you can do to search for your missing pet.

We also offer a Lost Pet Alert service, which adds several features to our alerts for a small fee. Specifically, we will distribute your missing pet report as an email, SMS and phone alert to local vets, pounds, councils, Pet Network members and even local households.

Find Your Lost Cats in Brisbane; Enlist Lost Pet Finders for Help in the Search

Searching the Brisbane area for a lost cat can be a daunting project. Count on Lost Pet Finders for help getting your pet alert to a broader array of people. Call us on 1300 725 640 to learn more about our services and to find out how we can help you.