Lost and Found at the Dog Pound in Brisbane

It’s many a dog owner’s worst nightmare… your darling pet is missing. You’ve searched the neighbourhood streets and called the neighbours, but nothing! You call the dog pound in Brisbane with your heart in your throat. Perhaps your dog is there? But where do you start? Do you call every dog pound in Brisbane?

There are two animal rehoming centres in the city, both operated by The Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ). Once a stray dog is impounded, the council will only release your animal after five days; you will have to pay the relevant fees. If your dog is wearing an ID tag or has been microchipped, they can be released on the same day. However, sometimes microchips malfunction or are not found because the distressed animal would not sit still.

If your dog is microchipped, it is a good idea to alert the relevant organisation so they can flag the animal as missing.

  • NSW Companion Animals Register - www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au
  • HomeSafeID - www.homesafeid.com
  • National Pet Register - www.petregister.com.au
  • Central Animal Registry - www.car.com.au
  • Petsafe - www.petsafe.com.au
  • Australasian Animal Registry - www.aar.org.au

However, there is an easier way – contact Lost Pet Finders, and we will help you find your dog. We can send a notification to every dog pound in Brisbane as well as neighbours and our pet network members in the area. With everyone on the lookout, the chances to find your best friend quickly increases exponentially.