Missing or Exploring? Wednesday 05 October 2016 @ 08:00

Van DukeThis week, we read about the story of Van Duke and his owner, Penelope. Penelope got Van Duke for her birthday 2-3 years ago, and the pair have been best buds ever since.

I felt like a bad mother and was very upset as all I could think was the worst.

By the time Penelope realised that Van Duke was missing, he had already been gone for four days. She was used to him going hunting for two or three days, so she hadn’t felt worried up until that point.

The pet finder alert is awesome! I love getting them myself as I offer the owners help with flyers in my area etc.

Things started picking up when Penelope registered Van Duke on Lost Pet Finders. She began receiving emails from Tony asking if she’d had any luck finding her cat, as well as offering reassurance and tips. Finally, Penelope heard from someone through our social media post that they had spotted Van, and the pair were reunited.

Penelope and Van are now moving to New Zealand together.

Thank you so much for your help. I'm happy to help you and others anytime !

catCaring for an outdoor cat

Cats are naturally curious creatures, so it’s essential that they can have their senses stimulated as frequently as possible during their waking hours. They need an opportunity to learn about detecting, hunting and catching prey, because they are predators. For this reason, housecats often need contact with other cats - their mother or siblings - in order to remain happy and healthy.

These are things that you won’t generally have to think about if you have an outdoor cat. Your outdoor cat can simply go outside if he needs to exercise or hunt. He can interact with local cats in order to socialise. He can satisfy all of his needs of his own accord, which will allow him to keep in touch with the very fundamentals of his identity as a cat.

catKeep your cat safe.

Despite the countless benefits enjoyed by your outdoor cat, there are a pretty high number of risks associated with roaming wild and free. Before you let your cat go on his merry way, you need to make sure you know how best to keep an outdoor cat safe. Here are just a few tips:

  • Even if you’re letting your cat explore of his own free will during the day, it’s best to bring him back inside at night if you want to keep him safe. There tend to be far more wild animals about when it gets dark. It also becomes more difficult for motorists to see your cat, so his chances of getting hit are much higher.
  • Your cat will be interacting with a lot of cats and other animals. This means you’ll need to make sure that he has been vaccinated against as many infectious diseases as you can, as well as worming him regularly.
  • Make sure your cat is microchipped!
  • Make sure your cat is neutered. Spaying your female cat will prevent you from having to look after any unwanted kittens, while neutering your male cat will stop him from wandering miles away.
  • If you manage to get your cat to wear a collar (congratulations!), make sure you give him one with a safety catch which will allow him to get out if he gets it stuck in something. Always write your name and phone number on your cat’s collar so that if anyone finds him and needs to get him back to you (for example, if he is sick and injured), they will be able to.
  • If you live near a busy road, it’s often a good idea to take your cat inside at the busier times in the morning and evening. This can be done by getting him used to being fed at these times.

Lost Pet Finders have had plenty more success stories this week. If your pet has gone missing, there is always every chance that it will come home to you, as these guys have:

“Thank you so much lost pet finders!!! My little guy came walking through the door this morning like nothing ever happened! 4 days without him and I have to say, this site helped me through it!! Thank you so much!!”

“Yuki came back home at 5 this morning crying for us and hungry. We think she got scared off by something and was in hiding. She was not injured. Your service is amazing and I would highly recommend it.”


lady“Lady had crossed a major highway and ventured fairly far from her home. She was reunited with her loving family thanks to lost pet finder. Thank you for helping.”

bella“Bella came back home for some food at 11pm - we were happy to see her happy and well.
While Bella wasn't lost, I appreciated the tips LPF provided on looking for missing cats and used some of them to try and find her sooner.
I will definitely recommend lost pet finders to anyone who is missing their beloved animal.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for all of the support from Lost Pet Finders.
Sueki was found yesterday morning - a few houses away.
Thank you again for your help and support!”