This Week’s Reunions: Chip and Odin Saturday 26 March 2016 @ 09:38

ChipChip, the 4-month-old cockatiel who had been lovingly raised by his family since he was just two weeks old, was reunited with his owners after going missing for a full week in the coastal town of Mullaway. Owner Courtney had only been able to watch as he flew away, far out of reach of her and her friends.

Having searched the entire area for days in search of the beloved bird, Courtney was told about Lost Pet Finders, the more efficient way of carrying out the search. With LPF on board, the search for Chip was over in no time: “We used a custom pet alert and it was absolutely fantastic, lost pet finders put out the alert to a 5km radius and helped us by contacting all the private residences in the area and all animal and vet contacts. My post on Facebook through lost pet finders was shared on so many pages and a combination of shares on Facebook and the phone calls with the pet alert resulted in me getting a phone call one whole week after chip was gone that he had been found at a local caravan 5km North of where he went missing. My heart skipped a beat during that phone call and I knew it was him, we had him home within half an hour, it was the best feeling in the world.


"My heart skipped a beat… it was the best feeling in the world."

Finally, after a long week of searching, Chip was reunited with his relieved family, having had enough of his exciting caravan holiday. Needless to say, Courtney is thrilled to have Chip back safe and sound, and we’re pleased to hear that we’ve played our part in another happy ending.

I was amazed about the services that the lost pet finders provide and that they cater to all budgets. I didn't know that there was such a fantastic company that genuinely cares about helping people get their

Unlike our feathered friends, “furbabies”, such as dogs, don’t tend to get quite as far, owing to the obvious fact that they cannot fly and rely on their own four feet to get from A to B. As well as this, because of their larger size, dogs tend to be more noticeable and if approachable, may simply walk up to someone and end up on social media or in a pound.


OdinIn news of the furry variety, this week also saw the return of tiny twelve-week-old Odin to his worried owner, Chalyce. Born on the same day that their previous dog had died, Odin was an extra-special member of the family. The idea that he, too, was gone was especially heartbreaking.

that their cheeky adventurer was at large in Milson, Chalyce and her family began their search - ringing the local pound, walking around the neighbourhood, and putting him on Trade Me as lost - but to no avail. It was not by chance that a Google search of lost dogs in Palmerston North returned a suggestion of Lost Pet Finders and Chalyce, willing to give anything a go, contacted us to tell us about Odin.


"Within half an hour of posting we were reunited."

Details of Odin’s escape were posted on the Lost Pet Finders Facebook page, and soon Odin’s rescuer saw the post and got in contact to let Chalyce know her dog was safe. Odin is now back with his owners, who will be keeping a closer eye on the mischievous pup from now on!

Thanks to the wide range of services available through Lost Pet Finders, Odin and Chip have now been safely returned home. If your pet has gone missing, why don’t you get in contact with us so we can help you too? Or, if your pet has already been lost and found, why not tell us your story in the comments below? We’d love to hear from you!


Even though Odin’s inquisitive nature led him to escape from his family home, it is clear that Chalyce and her family have been doing a fantastic job of raising and loving a feisty young pup - of course, having previously owned a dog, they already had more than enough experience to know how to properly care for him.

If you’re considering buying a new pet and are unsure what to pick, why not check out the dos and don’ts of choosing a new pet on our Lost Pet Finders blog for some handy tips on choosing your new best friend?

Written by Tabitha Buckley