REUNION OF THE DAY: Pablo the ferret lost in Melbourne VIC Friday 04 May 2018 @ 13:00

ferret lost found reunited in Melbourne VIC

REUNION OF THE DAY: Pablo the ferret lost in Melbourne VIC

"Pablo is our little albino ferret with red eyes that my partner bought from a friend of his whose ferret had babies. Pablo's birthday is 27 December 2016 but he arrived to us in either late February or early March 2017.

He is a cheeky little ferret who is into everything. Everything needs to be investigated and he often provides me with ferret "help" this includes putting his paws up on the toilet after i flush to make sure everything goes down ok, he likes to try and get in the machine when I am putting washing in it or taking washing out of it. If there is a hole to be explored he is in it.

His favourite thing in the world is to run into my partners work boots, dig out his special insoles and take them up the hole behind the kitchen cupboards where they are never to be seen again (unless we remove the dishwasher and pull the cupboard backing off the wall which we have had to do in the past when the remote control made its way up there...)

That was how Pablo went missing. He stole my partners insole and was heading for the hole in the cupboards. My partner who was outside smoking at the time came rushing in to retrieve his insole but did not close the back door properly. We realised after about 40 minutes the door was open and Pablo had gone.

The emotional journey was awful. At first i wasn't too worried as I thought Pablo would be exploring the garden but then it became apparent he was not in the garden and had gone under the gate. I felt sick. It was about 8:30pm, dark outside and windy.

I was calling and calling. We had torches out and I was listening carefully in case he made a noise in the bushes. Every so often the wind subsided but the smallest breeze was making the leaves from the trees rustle down the road so it was really hard to hear him.

I left no bush un-turned and we have a lot of bushes. I was scouring the streets by foot calling and calling and my partner went by car. I started to worry Pablo might have gone done one of the drains so my partner got a crow bar and lifted every single drain in the street looking for him but he wasn't there. Eventually he jumped over the school gates to see if he had got into the school but we still couldn't find him. We were out searching til about 1:40am when I came in to have a bath.

At 2:30am I went back out and started calling him again. I even brought my dog out to try to sniff him out but that proved to be a futile attempt as my dog was no help at all and thought he was just going for late night walkies.

Before my partner went to bed he read that we should leave food out the front and back, leave entry to the house open and put his cage outside, so that is what we did. I eventually went to bed but had a terrible nights sleep. I kept dreaming I had found him then waking up realising it was not true.

At some stage during the night I registered him on Lost Pet Finders who were very supportive and immediately I received a email of all the things I should do, print posters etc, knock on doors. That was my plan for the next day. Thank god the next day was Sunday as otherwise I would have needed to take a day off to try to find him.

At about 6am I noticed the light had come on in the front garden. I went out to check the food and all the food had gone - this was not encouraging as I knew it could have equally been eaten by a cat but I went back into the house to locate some slippers and my glasses so that I could search the front garden. While I was putting my slippers on I heard a noise in the back and thought to myself I will just check his cage.

Went out to the cage but it was still empty with his food inside. Just as i was about to go back to the front garden something caught my eye on the floor and there was little Pablo inside the house, He was trying to get back outside!! He must have come in for some water. He was definitely not inside the house before as we tore it to shreds looking for him.

I was SO relieved to have found him. I scooped him up and gave him such a big kiss and a cuddle then went running into the bedroom with him to tell my partner he was back. He immediately got out of bed and brought the cage back inside for me. I checked Pablo over to make sure he didn't have any obvious injuries then gave him food and water and locked him tightly in his cage.

He was exhausted. He hardly wanted to come out for the next two days. I kept a good check on him to make sure he was eating well, drinking and toileting well as I had no idea where he had been or whether he might have eaten something but by day three he was busy charging around like a lunatic and back to his normal mischievous self.

When I first found him, I was half tempted to take him to the vets to be checked over but I figured that unless I paid for x-rays and blood tests there was nothing they could tell me that I couldn't see for myself so I left it for a couple of days and sure enough after a couple of days he was bouncing around as if nothing happened.

We have since ferret proofed the garden and Pablo has been out in the garden exploring and has yet to find a way out but I do not want to take that chance again. He is always supervised in the garden and we are extra vigilant with the door, windows, anything we think he can get out from (including the tumble dryer pipe that leads out the window as he has got out that way before). We are just so happy to have him home safe." - Sarah

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