Show Your Paws Or Claws Monday 07 September 2015 @ 11:28

Celebrating Lost Pet Volunteers

We all know that we are a nation of animal lovers, yet, unless you're the owner of a pet, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the traumatic feelings of loss when such a beloved member of the family is lost to you.

This is why we often feel like standing up and cheering when we hear of the time spent and actions taken by so many good people with the aim of reuniting lost pets with their frantic or despairing owners.

We are not only talking about those who find lost pets, but also those trawling internet websites, matching lost and found pet posts, managing Facebook groups and pages. Lost Pet Finders membership of 30,000+ shows there are many of you out there devoting your time to the cause.

So lets celebrate these selfless individuals, who appreciate how much the missing pet affects a family.

Simply download your Paw or Claw and post it as your Facebook profile pic or send it to someone you know.

Here’s to you, the lost pet volunteers!

Show A Paw Or Claw

Show A Paw Or Claw

Show A Paw Or Claw