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REUNION OF THE DAY: this happy girl is back with family in Melbourne VIC Thursday 17 May 2018 @ 13:00

pit bull staffy dog lost found reunited Melbourne VIC Australia

REUNION OF THE DAY: this happy girl is back with family in Melbourne VIC

Message from Charlie who found this little girl and made the reunion happen:

"The first thing I did upon finding the lost dog was to post A4 letters with photo's in the local milk bars. My son also posted the lost dog on facebook. I also then took the dog to the local vet to scan the microchip but unfortunately the owner did not register the microchip with any company, I did not hand the dog into the vet as I did not want the local council ranger to pick up the dog as I did not want to see the dog put down (pit bull cross).

Then I explored the internet for dog finding services where I found your wonderful site. Within a few hours I received messages from people who saw the dog on Facebook and then eventually the next day the owner rang and I promptly returned her.

Just a great site, thank you and I have sent links to your site to several friends." - Charlie

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