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REUNION OF THE DAY: Charli the Shih Tzu dog lost in Brisbane QLD Wednesday 02 May 2018 @ 13:00

Shih Tzu dog lost found reunited Brisbane QLD


REUNION OF THE DAY: Charli the Shih Tzu dog lost in Brisbane QLD

"I was told by the vet that a man saved her from getting run over on a major road where we live and took her to the vet clinic the same day she went missing.

The vet then kept her at the clinic over the w'end, he was going to drop her off at the local pound on Mon but he saw my "Lost dog" sign that I placed in the vet door Sat arvo after I finished work (they had already closed for the day) and rang me Sun morning.

I asked if the man left his details but he hadn't so offered the vet to reimburse him the cost of keeping Charli warm and safe but he wouldn't accept anything though he did ask that I book her in to be chipped, which I'll be doing next week!!" - Jodie

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