LostPetFinders.com.au launches rapid phone alert system PET ALERT Friday 03 May 2013 @ 09:19

auSydney, NSW – LostPetFinders.com.au announced today the launch of PET ALERT, an innovative online phone service that allows the owners of lost pets to quickly broadcast the details of their lost pet to the relevant professionals and individuals in their area, and quickly find their lost animal.
LostPetFinders.com.au has an ever-expanding database of vets, shelters, pounds, groomers, trainers, clubs and welfare groups, along with other businesses willing to help find lost pets, who have agreed to be contacted about any lost animal in their area. This group of professionals is joined by the members of LostPetFinders.com.au themselves, providing access to potentially thousands of people in your local area who are willing to help find a lost pet – all accessible with a single phone call.

The idea was born when, some years ago, LostPetFinders.com.au CEO Tony Ryder lost his dog Jessy. “The feeling of dread was horrible,” he says. “I quickly found that there was no-one to assist.” Tony faced a difficult choice: “Do I spend time contacting vets and pounds, or should I be outside looking? It was a very stressful time.” Although Jessy was found shortly afterwards (the kids who were playing with him had already started talking about adopting him), Tony says that he learned that time is critical when finding a lost pet. When he later came across technology allowing telemarketers to make automated, geographically targeted bulk calls at an affordable rate per call, PET ALERT was born.

About LostPetFinders.com.au

LostPetFinders.com.au was set up to reunite lost animals with their owners, and has built a community of pet-owners and professionals who work together to reunite lost animals with their owners. Founded in 2011, the community currently has a membership of 3,860 and growing.

According to the RSPCA, only 33.5% of dogs and 4.1% of cats who come into their care each year are reclaimed. A large percentage are euthanised. With PET ALERT, we can reduce this statistic and save more pet-owners the anguish of losing a pet permanently. For more on how PET ALERT works, visit http://www.lostpetfinders.com.au.


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