Great Adventurers: Grim and Twilight Friday 20 May 2016 @ 10:20

This week saw the return of cheeky chappies Grim and Twilight with their family and each other.

Grim and Twilight

Raegan and her family were the proud owners of two lovely brothers, Grim and Twilight. The pair were seen as a bit of a celebrity couple in their neighbourhood. At just over a year old, they played with the kids at the park, went to visit people and just generally made a bit of a nuisance of themselves (in the most well-meaning way possible, of course!). The cats were always found together and playing in water (yes, you read that correctly).


"If it were not for Lost Pet Finders it would not have been the same happy ending, I am sure."

One night Grim and Twilight had their tea at eight, but Raegan had forgotten to shut the cat flap and they were able to dart off into the night. This had happened before, but usually when they did that, they would just behave like naughty teenagers and come back during the night. Knowing this, Raegan left the cat flap open and thought nothing of it.


"As a family we just wanted to say thank you so much for your excellent service. You went above and beyond the call of duty to save our cats and get them back with their family."


When the pair hadn’t returned by the next night, the family began to call around in the community. Knowing the terrible twosome to be adventurers, though, they just assumed they had been locked in someone’s garage and would be back as soon as the door was opened.

Still, Grim and Twilight didn’t return. Beginning to get worried, the family called on Lost Pet Finders, who canvassed the neighbourhood with a pet alert for the cats which got instant results. One of the local vets had seen one cat that matched Grim’s description and had taken a phone number.


"We all agree that if it wasn’t for Lost Pet Finders and their excellent service that we would not have found Grim or Twilight."

As it turned out, a well-meaning family had found the cats just after they had had their dinner. Deciding that they must have been lost, they had taken them inside. Still very close to home, the pair would no doubt have scampered home if the other family had known to let them go.

As it turned out, Grim was still with the people who had found the cats, so Raegan was able to get him back quickly thanks to the Lost pet Finders’ call round service and pet alert. Meanwhile, Twilight was having a bit more of an adventure. Someone had found him and thought that he was their own missing cat, taking him back to their new home, in another city.


"It was through the caring and calm negotiation of Lost Pet Finders, with the person online, through Facebook, that Twilight was recognised as our cat and Lost Pet Finders negotiated his return."

Thankfully, Lost Pet Finders were able to contact Twilight’s accidental new owner and negotiate his return to his real family. The family, at last, were able to drive out to collect him, reuniting the two boys once and for all.

These two cats went on quite an adventure before they were reunited with their family. To honour them, here are a few adventurous pets who we think would get on well with Grim and Twilight!

Buddy the Brave

Buddy the BraveBack in November, a sensitive soul named Buddy became the most adventurous dog in Britain when he decided to take the train in an attempt to escape from trick-or-treaters and fireworks.

The Staffordshire bull terrier from Retford, Notts, jumped on the train when he was scared by the loud noises, taking the opportunity to explore the railway carriages until he reached Sheffield and was picked up by his amazed owners.



Hachiko the Honourable Hound

Hachiko Hachiko’s story is not a jolly one, but it is one of undying love. Unlike the adventures of Grim, Twilight and Buddy, he didn’t go anywhere new and exciting, but instead repeated a journey he had made hundreds of times before.

The beautiful Akita, Hachiko, was accustomed to walking to the nearby train station with his master every morning, where the professor would catch a commuter train. On his master’s return each evening, the pair would walk home together. One day, unfortunately, the professor had a fatal heart attack while he was away and did not come home to Hachiko.

Not understanding what had happened, Hachiko continued to wait for his return, making the journey every day for nine years




Loki the Wolfdog

LokiLoki is an incredibly lucky pup! Hating to see dogs, who are naturally full of life, locked away in houses, his owner takes him on loads of exciting adventures to show him the real world. To help us understand his and his companion’s escapades, Loki’s human explains:

“I’m often surprised by how much joy animals can bring into our lives. Even more, the joy that comes from healthy relationships with them is really amazing. It seems hard to describe so I typically don’t try.

Loki’s Instagram is really the product of that hard-to-describe emotion. Additionally, I believe dogs aren’t meant to live out their lives in a backyard or inside a house. I hate to see that. I hope we are inspiring people to get out, explore our world, and make memories with their pups.”


Grim and Twilight weren’t the only pets who came home safely this week! Here are a few more of our success stories from the past couple of days:


“It was great that people take the time to share in the aid to help you find your pet”



“This beautiful boy had been missing for 3 years! I had him scanned for a microchip & his owners were located. 'Henry' is currently being flown interstate to be reunited them. Such a happy ending!”


“Thank you everyone for your support and a special thanks to LPF. Steve”



 “After only a day of posting the ad, the finder of our bird googled lost parrot and your site was the third listing. Thanks so much for your help in reuniting our bird to our family flock :)”