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Keeping your dog safe

Dogs are not just a much loved member of the household; if they benefit from a distinguished pedigree, they can also be worth a considerable amount of money. Unfortunately, this means they may become a target for dognappers – unscrupulous criminals who steal dogs, usually to sell them on for a profit. Luckily there are a number of ways in which you can keep your dog safe, so read on for some top tips to ensure dognappers won’t be successful in their aims.

Dog wearing mask

Don’t leave them unattended

Dogs which are left in a yard for hours at a time, particularly one which is easily accessible, are prime targets for theft. If you have to leave your dog outside whilst you’re away, make sure your yard has high fences and a lockable gate, which makes entry less likely. Ensure you dog is entertained with toys such as Foobler. Smaller dogs may benefit from a dog flap, so that they don’t have to stay out for long periods.

Use a dog lead

Whilst a run in the park may be great exercise for your dog, if they wander off they’re an easy target for enterprising dognappers. Keep them near you at all times and use a lead if you’re not confident your dog will stay close.

Get them microchipped

Microchipping enables the animal to be traced if they’re taken for veterinary treatment by the person who’s bought your dog from the dognappers. If your dog manages to escape from their dognappers, a microchip enables them to be traced and returned to you. A personalised collar such as the ones available from Tag Your Pets may also deter theft (Use code lostpetfindersC at checkout for a 10% discount). 

Pet Alert

Tell people

Luckily dognapping isn’t that common and can usually be easily avoided by increased vigilance and minimising the opportunities for a successful snatch. If your dog is taken, quickly mobilising people to start looking for it can be the best way of maximising the chances of a speedy, safe return.The sooner the search begins for your dog, the greater the likelihood is that it will be found safely. The Lost Pet Finders Pet Alert service provides a straightforward and effective method of letting animal professionals and the general public in your area know that your dog is missing.