Animals who Took the News by Storm Friday 15 April 2016 @ 09:34

LolaIt’s not every day that the solution to finding your missing pet turns out to be turning on the television, but I guess there’s a first time for everything!

This week saw the return of Lola, a bold bird who plucked up the courage to seek out her 15 minutes of fame by any means necessary.

After printing and spreading flyers from Lost Pet Finders to alert her neighbours of the missing bird, owner Michelle received a call from a local to tell her that Lola had been spotted on the news. Lola had flown onto the shoulder of a news reporter just before a live feed, provoking a reaction extreme enough to make the video go viral on the internet.

Lola and Michelle have now been reunited, in an emotional meeting which was recorded by Nine Gold Coast News. You can watch the video of their reunion here:

To celebrate this famous featherbrain’s safe return home, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite animal stories which have appeared on the news over the years - though Lola’s story may still top the lot!


Panda1. Panda costumes used to fool four-month-old cub

In 2010, researchers at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda in Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province, China, were faced with a difficult challenge - how do you train a baby panda for reintroduction into the wild without it getting accustomed to human interference? The answer was simple if a little surreal: The centre’s researchers had to wear furry panda outfits to trick the cub into believing it was being cared for by other pandas. You couldn’t make this stuff up!


Seagull2. Seagull Swipes Tourist’s GoPro and Films Beautiful Footage of Spanish Coast

Seagulls are not generally known for their keen interest in the creative arts. In fact, they’re pretty much the hooligans of the natural world - pinching your picnics, unleashing their hideous squawks and just generally revelling in their natural ability to ruin absolutely everything.

In 2015, however, one gifted gull decided to break the mould and make his first mark on the art world. Swiping a GoPro camera from an unsuspecting tourist, the bird took off, filming a breathtaking clip of the Cies Islands in Spanish Galicia.


Fingers and Thumbs3. Meet Fingers and Thumbs - the cats born with twelve extra TOES and opposable thumbs

Twelve-week-old kittens, aptly named Fingers and Thumbs, have been born with two extra toes on each front paw and one extra toe on each hind leg, giving the fingery felines six extra toes each. Their condition is known as polydactyly, a genetic trait which gives cats extra digits on their paws - in this case, giving these two kitties opposable thumbs - and thanks to this Cravendale Milk advert, we know exactly where that leads:



Jasperpus4. Jesperpus, Norway's 'Skiing Cat', hits the slopes

Jesperpus, a three-year-old mixed breed cat, has become an Internet sensation as a result of his love of winter sports. Adopted by his owner Aina Stormo as a kitten one chilly November, Jesper immediately began to go on outings with his new friend (who he kept safely on the end of a leash). The furry adventurer can now give many extreme sports enthusiasts a run for their money, after developing the skills necessary to ski, swim, hike and explore snowy forests. Sharing his exploits on YouTube and other forms of social media, Jesperus now has nearly 16,000 followers on Instagram and 40,000 on Facebook - move over, Bear Grylls!


Unicorn5. 'Unicorn' leads police chase in California

Police in California began to receive very strange reports back in February, when a unicorn was seemingly on the loose in Madera County. The quest for the missing unicorn began straight away, as a search party was dispatched in a three-hour pursuit with California State Patrol.

Of course, the unicorn was not quite as mythical as it sounds: the real culprit was a pony named Juliette, who had been dressed up as the mythical creature for a children’s photography session gone wrong. But it just goes to show that strange things can happen when pets get loose!


Lola wasn’t the only pet who came home safely this week! Here are a few more of our success stories from the past couple of days:


“Within three hours we were reunited with our puppy!!! Thank you so muchhhh lost pet finders”






“Pancho was lost on 22/3/16 and was found by some people around the corner on 23/3/16 right outside our place they kept him for about a week then did a goggle search which brought up this web site listing and they txt me last night and today I pick him up. We are all very happy to have found the little fellow”





“Lilly was home 2 days after registering her with you guys. There's no doubt that you've helped. As it had been a while, I'm feeling very blessed. It's never to late to anyone looking for their pet. Thank-you so very much Lost Pet Finders.”





“The advice and flyers were really helpful.”





by Tabitha Buckley