Newer Tech Tools For Pets: Finding, Feeding and Playing With Them Wednesday 20 July 2016 @ 12:34

Guest Blog by -  Amber Kingsley

Technology has been making our lives better for many decades and the same is true for our four-legged friends. While we’ve all heard of the many options available for identifying your animal, like microchipping them in the event they’re lost or stolen, there's other methods of locating them that have come along more recently.

Along with GPS tracking devices attached to their collar, there’s also a newer more powerful method for locating your animal. It’s called WAAS, which stands for Wide Area Augmentation System that works in connection with a GPS tracker. While GPS will pinpoint a pet’s location within a thirty-foot range, WAAS narrows it down even further to a ten-foot range.

Techno Dog

Collar Cons

But just because you have a GPS with a WAAS boost, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to pinpoint your pet’s exact location. For example, the collar could break or the animal could slip out of it, the battery inside the unit could fail and some of them are not designed to be submerged in water. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to use other types of technology like searching online along with traditional methods of locating them as well.

Feeding Time

Automatic pet feeders have been around for a quite a while now, but there’s some more options that go above and beyond setting their meal times. Along with managing portion control sizes, many makers of associative online apps allow you to control the device from your smartphone. There’s also making feeding bowls that can be activated with a chip on a pet’s collar.

When it comes to treats and training your dog to put his toys away, an ingenious concept, there are now devices available that will reward your animal for keeping their belongings at bay. If you’re worried your clever canine will continue to drop their toys into the receptacle just to get another treat, there’s a timer in place to prevent this practice.

Toy Dog

Playful Products

Today’s technology has also given us a sort of puzzle for a dog to solve in order to get a treat called the Mazee. Contained inside a transparent plastic ball, while the canine is moving the orbital object around on the floor, they can see the treats inside navigating their way through a maze. It’s not only enjoyable for the dog, humans can have some fun watching them solve the puzzle.

While many of us have already seen the “fetch-machines” available for pets, but there’s another interactive orb on the market called the Babble Ball. This toy responds to a dog’s touch and makes animal sounds when activated. The technology is so sensitive, it can react to an animal’s breath or even if the critter is walking around nearby.

As technology continues to develop, there are already some wearable devices that are able to detect and report things like an animal’s temperature. In the future we could be seeing collars that can warn us that our pets are facing other health risks, like high blood sugar levels that could lead to diabetes. The future is certainly looking bright when it comes to our four-legged friends