Pet of the Month: Russia Sunday 19 February 2017 @ 08:17

RussiaOur last few posts talked about how to identify if your rescue pet was abused by previous owners, and if so how to go about helping its rehabilitation (Post 1/Post 2). This was in honour of our previous sponsored pet, Lucy.

Lucy was the second of our sponsored pets with Hunter Animal Rescue, a not-for-profit organisation whose goal it is to find happy new homes for abandoned pets facing euthanasia. All of the animals rescued by this extraordinary charity are kept in foster homes rather than pounds, and given the quality of life they need and deserve until they are finally paired with their forever homes.

This month, our sponsored pet is Russia, a 4kg Domestic Medium Hair. Russia was born in March 2013. He’s a happy, smooching boy with a big heart and bigger hair, who needs a fair amount of pampering and brushing to keep his luscious locks from getting matted.

Russia’s ideal home would be with someone he can call his own, but who knows how to be firm. He has a funny habit of making himself the boss of his household, and gleefully claims ownership of his human companions whenever he’s given the opportunity. This means that if you aren’t willing to be strict and to assert dominance, he will very quickly begin to rule the roost.

RussiaIt’s highly recommended that Russia is taken in by a previous cat owner, as his dominant personality may come across as annoying to those who are unaccustomed to the cat life. If you are an experienced cat parent, however, you’ll understand that all of his displays of dominance are truly displays of affection. Completely full of love, Russia is extremely affectionate and inquisitive, but also gets pretty jealous of anything that steals his limelight!

Highlighting once again that he would work best in a family used to caring for cats, Russia gets on just fine with children provided they know how to properly pat and pamper him. He is especially fond of scratches under the chin.

Russia is even able to interact with dogs in a friendly, calm way. There was a puppy in her foster home, and the pair learned to get on just fine together. When it comes to other cats, Russia is able to coexist happily with his fellow felines, though he does tend to get a little jealous if you give them too much attention. He’s a sociable boy, but he prefers to chill on his own by the window or in cosy hideouts.

RussiaIf you’d be interested in adopting Russia - or another cat like him - the information on how to go about this can be found on Hunter Animal Rescue’s website.


Above all else, our aim is to make sure as many pets as possible get to be with their perfect families, and this includes reuniting wandering animals with their worried parents. Here are just a few of our recent success stories!

“I used your tips and the people rang me after identifying Casper on the council website- he had spent several days/ nights on their roof. Thank you I think you provide wonderful guidance when faced with the predicament of a lost family member.”

“Thank god, LPF contacted a vet which contacted me asap as they had found my dog!”



“Fantastic website with great advice”



“The service was great, thank you. Our little Po came walking in the house this morning and he hasn't left our sides since. We are very happy to have him home.”

“Signing up with Pet Alert gave me peace of mind and the helpful tips gave me positive activities to do”