Pet of the Month: Lucy! Wednesday 14 December 2016 @ 09:01

LucyNothing is more important to us at Lost Pet Finders than making sure every pet is in its perfect home. We play our part in this by helping to reunite missing pets with their owners, but we’ve decided that this isn’t enough. We need to do what we can to help pets who aren’t lucky enough to have families of their own.

For this reason, we have started sponsoring pets with Hunter Animal Rescue. This is a not-for-profit organisation whose goal is to find happy new homes for pets who have been abandoned and who are now facing euthanasia. All of the animals helped by this brilliant team of volunteers are kept in foster homes, not pounds, to make sure that they get the quality of life they deserve while they wait for their forever homes.

This month we are sponsoring Lucy, a Staffy Cross with a big heart. Lucy has watched dog after dog (eight of which were her own puppies) find their perfect adoptive families, and is still looking for her own family. While she waits, Lucy is being kept in a home with dogs her size to get used to living with other dogs and to finish her training.

At two years old, Lucy is a lovely girl with a beautiful personality. Hunter Animal Rescue believe that there could be Border Collie or Kelpie in her blood, resulting in her lean frame, great energy levels and long legs. Weighing around 27kg, she’s on the larger side of medium. Lucy’s pups came into care at the same time as her, allowing HAR to observe that she was a great mother who took wonderful care of her pups.

Ideally, Lucy would like to be adopted into a home where she can really become part of the family. She adores tummy rubs and spending time chilling and cuddling with her humans. Full of energy, she’ll always appear as if by magic the second she hears a squeaky toy, and she’s always ready to go on a walk. She’s chatty but not excessively so, keen to bark if she needs outside or if you have a visitor, but not too much and not too loud. Lucy is a very sociable girl, and would fit in best in a family with another pet, preferring not to be left alone for too long.

In terms of training, Lucy is doing great. She’s fully house-trained and is yet to have an accident indoors. When out on walks, she has a tendency towards getting a little overexcited and pulling on the lead, but this will hopefully improve with regular exercise. She’s happy to sit and stay when asked, and will do practically anything for a treat.

Hunter Animal Rescue believe that Lucy might have been neglected or abused either by her previous owners or while she was a stray. When she was first taken into care, she was easily frightened by loud noises, constantly searching for food and desperately nervous. She has come on in leaps and bounds since being taken in, though, and stands as the perfect reminder of why we need to support organisations such as HAR.


Don’t worry! Despite the excitement of getting involved with Lucy’s adoption, we haven’t stopped looking for your missing furry friends. Here are just a few of our recent reunions!



“He was found and dropped at the local vet who received a notification through Pet alert. Thank you”


“Thank you very much because of your site my pet's was brought back to me I'm very appreciative have a great day”


“This service was extremely helpful. Especially the facebook listings. Had many people share and contact us. Thank you!!!”

“LPF is an amazing service and has provided a network of supportive animal lovers. We printed out flyers and received an amazing number of calls - although we still couldn't find him. We followed the advice of going out in quiet times, leaving his litter tray out so he could follow his scent home. He returned just before our early rise to do another walk around. Thank you and to everyone out there whom helped.”

“Thank you to lost pet finders Chico was found within 5 minutes of registering”