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Bryna’s cat, Chloe, was adopted from Mosman Park Veterinary Hospital, where her owner’s sister had volunteered over her weekends back in high school. There was something about Chloe that drew their attention. It was either her beautiful tortoiseshell markings, the fact that she seemed to be annoying all her siblings and mother or the cries she made whenever there wasn’t anyone giving her attention, it’s hard to tell. What they did know for sure, though, was that they wanted to give this drama queen a good home and take good care of her. Almost 10 years later, Chloe is still a big part of the family.

Needless to say, when Bryna discovered that Chloe was missing in the first week of March 2016, she was overcome with a combination of worry, panic and upset. The family immediately began to make calls to the local vets in the area, the pound and the local council. When this was unsuccessful, the family began printing out flyers and putting them around the neighbourhood. Fortunately, they then discovered Lost Pet Finders.

The website was informative for anyone person trying to locate their pet - it supplied the public with the necessary information which was definitely helpful. I felt that if there was any way of locating Chloe, this would be it.

By this stage, Chloe had been missing for 2 weeks. There wasn’t a moment to lose in the search for Chloe, so Bryna wasted no time in placing her advert. Lost Pet Finders continued the work of contacting the people living in the area, the vets, the councils and the pounds. The morning after Bryna’s advert was posted, she received an email from the City of Fremantle council saying that the rangers would be on patrol to see if they could find Chloe. She was one step closer to being reunited with her furry friend.

I found the support from the Pet Network overwhelming. It was so good to know that there were people concerned and so willing to help. Knowing that you’re not trying to find your pet alone is reassuring and the wider the network, the more likely you are of finding your pet.

Even more good news was to come. An hour after receiving the email, Bryna received a phone call from someone three streets away, saying that their her husband had seen Chloe come by a week ago and again two days ago. Soon, Bryna received yet another phone call from someone living two streets away. He identified himself as Oliver and he confirmed that he had seen Chloe. Apparently she had been wandering around his house, perhaps because she had been attracted by his own cat. Hearing Oliver’s description of Chloe, Bryna knew for sure that it was her.

Lost Pet Finders not only helped me find Chloe, it felt as though they were really concerned and treated her absence as their responsibility too. It was so reassuring and generous. I hope that this gives others who have lost their pet a sense of hope as it did with me.

As it turns out, the night Chloe wandered off and didn’t come back, she managed to find her way back to their old house. The family had moved two streets over last October, and it would appear that Chloe was missing her old home. Discovering another cat had taken over her territory, Chloe had taken it on herself to reclaim what was once her land!

We’re thrilled that Bryna and Chloe have been reunited, and to celebrate, we’ve put together a list of the most talented homing pets who, like Chloe, could not be stopped from returning home.

1. Bucky the Black Labrador


When Mark Wessels community in South Carolina banned dogs, he was forced to leave his young dog, Bucky, in Virginia with his father. Finding himself in a strange location far from home, Bucky made the executive decision that he would much rather live, as he had previously, in South Carolina, and walked 500 miles in the direction of home all by himself. Making a temporary pit stop in the home of a yellow labrador named Hannah, Bucky was finally checked for a microchip by a vet and was reunited with his beloved owner Mark, never to be separated again.

2. Alfie the African Grey parrot


In December, 2011, Alfie and his family moved from Cwmbran, Wales, to their new home in Llantarnam. Like Chloe, Alfie was dissatisfied by this move and in March 2012, he flew back to Cwmbran and ruled the roost there for three months. Eventually, spotting the posters and signs which had been posted by his devastated owners, a farmer and his granddaughter found him and returned him to his relieved family.

3. Emily the Tabby Cat

EmilyOne year old tabby-cat Emily did the exact opposite of the other animals on this list: rather than making her way home, she decided it was time for her to take a holiday!
Finding their beloved kitty missing, Lesley and Donny McElhiney from Appleton, Wisconsin, and their son, nine-year-old Nick Herndon, were devastated. Little did they know that she wasn’t in any sort of dangerous situation - she’d gone on vacation, 4,500 miles away! Out for a breath of fresh air, Emily managed to find herself inside a container of paper bales en route to Chicago. Not content with this little journey, Emily then shipped herself to Belgium and made her way to France, where workers at a French laminating company discovered her thin and thirsty. Thanks to her tags, Emily and her origin were identified and she was flown back to her family by Continental Airlines, who were keen to help when they heard her story.

4. Holly the Tortoiseshell Cat

Wowing scientists with her unexpected stamina and determination, courageous cat Holly managed to find her way home two Hollymonths after getting lost, having walked back to her home in West Palm Beach. Holly began her journey 200 miles away in Daytona Beach, Florida, where she was spooked by fireworks while on holiday with her owners. Her heartbroken owner had given up hope of her return, when she turned up in a garden a mile from his home. Unsurprisingly, after her immense journey, Holly had lost a lot of weight, was too tired to mew, and her paws had been completely worn down.

5. Laser the Beagle

LaserIn Winnipeg, Parry LaPage adopted a three-year-old beagle and named him Laser, who disappeared just one month later when the family went on holiday to their cottage in Winnipeg Beach, 50 miles from their home. Spooked by fireworks, Laser bolted away and began his long journey home. Over the following weeks, the LaPages began to receive calls reporting sightings of their lost dog - calls which were getting closer and closer. Eventually, someone managed to catch him in a schoolyard near the LaPages’ home, and Laser was reunited with his family at last.

More of this week’s reunions:

Red and white dog Red and white dog

 Very Happy Pet and owner reunited. Thank you






Just wanted to say a massive thanks to the team at Lost pet finders without them I am sure we would not have found Twilight. He ended up in Blenheim from Christchurch! We are hugely grateful to the team as the telephone voice alert were the first info we received that Twilight had been 'found' by a couple - so that was excellent canvassing of our neighbourhood.

Bruce Bruce

 Just a simple phone call from a man who was notified about this led me to Bruce's whereabouts..




Rupert has been found! The pound received the alert & called me straight away! Amazing! Thank you so much! All done within an hour of filling out your form! Excellent service!

Henry Henry

HENRY HAS BEEN FOUND :))))))) I have him. THANK YOU to Petfinders & all who have shared & supported the search. Relieved is an understatement. Thanks All. Happy ending xx


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