Lost and Found at the Dog Pound in Brisbane

It’s many a dog owner’s worst nightmare… your darling pet is missing. You’ve searched the neighbourhood streets and called the neighbours, but nothing! You call the dog pound in Brisbane with your heart in your throat. Perhaps your dog is there? But where more.

Find your Dog Before he is Sent to Pound in Melbourne

While the dog pound in Melbourne performs a valuable service to society, most pet owners would rather find their pets before the dog catchers do. Not only does a stay at the dog pound in Melbourne come at a significant cost, but your pet may also be more.

Search Dog Pounds in Sydney for Your Missing Pet

When dogs run away from home or disappear in the middle of walks in the woods, your first impulse will likely be to retrace your steps (or the dog's steps) to try to find your missing friend. However, it's also important to consider the possibility more.

Lost and Found Service for Perth Birds

Searching for your lost bird in Perth can seem like an impossible task. After all, birds can fly a long distance within hours before they need to rest. Even when they land to rest, you have no guarantees that they will be found. Sometimes, domestic birds more.

Why Cats Become Lost and Where to Turn for Lost and Found Cats in Perth

Cats are creatures of habit and rather territorial, so we can usually let them roam outdoors and be confident that they’ll come back home. Once in a while, though, an outdoor cat suddenly vanishes. When this happens, it means that something has more.

Travelling Safely with Pets and Where to Check Lost and Found Pets in Adelaide

Many pet parents travel with their pets, either because they want to or because they have to. Travelling with pets can be lots of fun, but it can also be stressful and even dangerous for your pet. That’s why it’s important to follow some ground rules to more.

Are you Looking for Your Lost Bird in Sydney? This Company Helps You Find Birds and Other Pets

There’s almost nothing sweeter than a well-behaved pet bird. Birds brighten up your day with their songs, keep you company when you’re lonely, and they’re really, really cute. However, when they go missing, it can be devastating. Losing a pet of any more.

Looking for a Lost Cat in Brisbane? Use Our Pet Alert Function

Even if you try to keep your cat indoors at all times, things happen. A cat can slip out an open door when you aren't paying attention. Some particularly industrious cats might even be able to open screen doors or pop out window screens in their attempt more.

Save Yourself Precious Time and Research: Use Lost Pet Finders to Locate Your Lost Cats in Perth

Your dog ran away during a walk, or your cat wandered off and didn't come back. You're worried about what might have happened to your beloved pet, and you are anxious to launch a search. But where do you start? more.

Lost Your Dog in Brisbane? This Company Has Been Finding Dogs for Years:

You love your dog. Maybe you love all dogs, but yours is special. It is true what they say: dogs are our best friends. They’re loyal, friendly, obedient and fun—unless they run away, that is. Trying to find a lost dog can be more than just difficult. more.

Create a Network of Hope with Our Lost Dog Register

It’s a series of fliers - all hastily crafted, their edges curled and their inks smeared from anxious fingers. You staple them across electrical posts and community billboards, manage to coax a few shopkeepers to place them in their windows. Each more.

Keep Your Dog from Becoming a Lost Dog in Adelaide

We often depend on our dogs for companionship and even protection, but remember that it’s our job to protect them too. Dogs love to explore but can easily get themselves into trouble. Dogs can wander off, or sometimes people even steal them from their more.

Lost Dog? Here’s What to Do If One of Your Dogs Becomes Lost in Melbourne

Realising that your dog is missing can be a traumatic experience for both of you. Your first priority is finding your beloved pet and getting him back home safely. Here’s what to do if you find yourself the owner of a lost dog in Melbourne more.

Target Neighbourhoods with a Lost and Missing Pet Register

Down the road, he walks - a bow-legged dog, eyes weary and fur hot from the sun. He's far from home, travelling along hectic byways; and beside him the cars rush by, no drivers sparing a glance. He's alone until a young woman finally spots him more.

Moving house with a dog

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s moving house with a dog? We asked our followers that question and came up with a guide on what to do with your dog during the move more.